Saturday, July 30, 2011

D' Japanese Tunnel Resort and Restaurant in Davao City

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One of the attractions found in Davao City is the historical D' Japanese Tunnel Resort and Restaurant located at Matina Balusong, Diversion Road, Davao City. It has been said that this tunnel was created during World War II by the Filipino slaves and prisoners of wars. It served as the hideout of the Japanese soldiers and their belongings, utilizing it for transporting their equipment and mobilizing their forces, as it made more difficult for the Americans to locate them. The tunnel seemed small but actually extends pretty much farther than you can walk. You can notice a barrier on the other part of the tunnel which is owned by the i-don't-know-who proprietor and is not yet open to the public.
There are several tunnels found in Davao City, mostly in Maa and Mintal which is a mountainous area. But after the war, most of these tunnels were destroyed as the city was rehabilitated. However, a few were preserved and became the tourist spot and historical landmarks they are today.
signboard of d' japanese tunnel resort and restaurant
Signage of D'Japanese Tunnel
You won't find it hard to look for its location. A huge signboard outside is visible to the passersby. It is also surrounded by tall pine trees.

japanese soldier statue in d'japanese tunnel resort and restaurant
Upon entering the tunnel, a statue of Japanese soldier is standing right before the entrance which seemed to beckon us in. Well, though his expression looks not so friendly rather serious, don't Our guide said that the normal height of the Japanese soldiers ranges from 5 feet - 5 feet and 5 inches tall just like the typical Filipino heights. Now, lets proceed inside the tunnel!
inside the japanese tunnel
Inside the tunnel
It was my first time to get into a tunnel, and to be honest, it's kinda creepy inside. It's dark inside though there were small lights that illuminates the tunnel. The sound of the waters dripping felt like we were on the deepest part of the tunnel. It's hard to breathe inside, maybe because i was not used to this kind of place.
japanese tunnel davao city
The portion of the tunnel where meetings usually took place.
A statue of Japanese soldier behind bars
Statue of Buddha
The dungeon
This place used to be the dungeon or the bartolin area where Filipino slaves who defied and fought against the Japanese will get imprisoned until they died. It looked so small but actually, up to 5 persons could fit in in this cage. You could also try to get in for you to feel how uncomfortably dense it is inside.

Japanese Tunnel other facilities:

Aside from being a historical tourist attraction, Japanese Tunnel has a hotel for those people who wanna stay a day longer.There is also a pool and a restaurant.

Other info:
Entrance fee: PHP 50.00