Friday, October 28, 2011

Getting Lost in Makati City, Manila

ayala avenue makati city manila philippines
Manila, a place even within the Philippines seems like totally unknown to me. Never been here once. I'm just seeing it on the TV yet, I am not sure what it actually looks like in front of you. So, being in this whole unfamiliar place kinda feels like a chill of fun, thrill and adventure. And having a budget barely enough for two adds the tension. We have to spend the money just for necessary stuffs and delicious foods.

There are few things I never knew at that time. 1.) Foods are reasonably expensive but sound ridiculous to me. How can we spend 1,000 pesos just for a meal of 2 persons? Really, it's just too ridiculous! We could have made it for the whole day meal here in Davao. I am not nagging. I am just completely lost in money and in this place. 2.) Stuffs like clothes, shoes and accessories are surprisingly cheap! Ok, at least there are something cheap in here. If we had gotten extra money then we could have bought everything we want. Damn, its pitiful!
Preparing for the big battle! 
My co-agent (left) and the so-called "Tour Guide" (right). 
Ok, enough of blah blah blahs... Let's get to the issue on how we spent our whole afternoon walking tediously around Makati City. We've got a mission to do in here; "Go to Blue Horizon and personally hand them our present - a box of delicious pomelo fresh from Davao City":D

riding MRT train in Makati City
My first ride in a train!
From Pasay, we rode a jeepney going to MRT Station (dunno if it's really called that way, MRT or LRT, but I guess it is). I won't state all the stupidness we made here. But, it was definitely embarrassing and we looked like an idiot! The crowd freaked me out! Never thought it would be as tough as it was riding a train and it was my first time so I almost blurted out "Hey! Don't stick to me closely!" because it's too jam-packed.

makati city manila philippines
Our battle begins!
After the train, we rode a jeepney again and stopped at Ayala Avenue. Then, we started our long-end journey in Makati City. While walking by, I took some pictures of the City which I did enjoy. The surroundings were pretty clean, having numerous lofty buildings with fine architecture wherever you looked at. A true figure of a cosmopolitan area here in the Philippines.
makati city
ayala avenue makati city manila philippines
A snapshot on a ride! 
buildings in manila
The Peninsula Hotel
rcbc tower and yuchengco tower makati city
RCBC Plaza Tower 2: Yuchengco Tower and RCBC Tower
We started heading off to Blue Horizon at around 3:00pm and dropped at Ayala Avenue for about half an hour. We asked the bodyguard for directions but seemed to give us the other way around. Result was, we headed back to where we started before. We were damn LOST!!! As far as I remember, I think we had asked about 5 different people until we reached the place. So, it took almost 3 hours of walking before reaching Blue Horizon. Sheesh, that was really exhausting and we hadn't eaten yet. 

If you are gonna ask about "What's the use of our tour guide?" Well, he doesn't seem familiar and accustomed to the place. He lived in Quezon so that's how the things explained. 
Ayala Avenue underpass
...And FINALLY, we arrived at Blue Horizon Travel & Tours! We handed them our little present and mingled with the staffs we have been working with up until now. After getting to know with the fellow agents, we returned afterwards 'coz it was really getting so late. "The battle is finally OVER", or so I thought.
A souvenir picture of our battle!
At Greenbelt
Our way back was a bit hilarious though. We totally got confused. "Where are we going to ride for MOA?"  That would be our next destination for leisure after the exasperating trip in Makati. The bodyguard (again?) told us to follow the bunch of people heading way out to the mall. That's what we did. We walked along with them, passing into Greenbelt, then an overpass and then an entrance to a particular mall i think. However, just as we were about to enter the said mall, the cluster instantly dispersed! Where the hell are those bunch of people going? Then, for the second time, we got LOST, AGAIN!!!

picture of glorietta in makati city
We asked the sales lady coz we were sick of those bodyguards anymore for the way out and finally reached the exit. We rode a bus heading to SM Mall of Asia.

Even though it was definitely a tiring trip for us. I did enjoy every bit of it. An unforgettable experience only happened here in Makati City. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How to Add Disqus Comment in Blogger?

Comment system is essential in every blogs and websites. It gives interactions and build community within your site. A comment system in blogger is already installed but, it is not as flexible as the other comment system available over the net.
With the current comment system of blogger, I admit I am not quite satisfied. It's not flexible and impressive as the other blog's comment system like Wordpress. However, don't just settle with this issue. While surfing the internet for some nice features I can possibly integrate within my blog, I have stumbled in a particular website with awesome and impressive comment system. Then after several research, i came to know what its called, disqus.

What is Disqus?
DISQUS is a comment platform that helps you build an active community from your website's audience. It has awesome features, powerful tools, and it's easy to install.

How to Install Disqus in Blogger?
Follow the steps below for an easy disqus installation.

1. First thing's first. Back-up your template before doing any changes just to make sure if ever you'll get messed up. To do so, go to your Blogger » Design Tab » Edit HTML » Download Full Template.

2. Go to disqus website and click "Sign-up".

3. Fill-up the form with the appropriate information.

4. Choose among the platforms you want disqus to be installed. In my case, I have chosen blogger platform. If you are using different platform, make sure you select the correct one. Click "Add site to Blogger". A blogger window will appear.

5. Make sure you have signed-in to your blogger account. On "Select a Blog", choose the blog you want the disqus to appear. Then click "Add Widget".

6. On your blogger's Design Tab, place the Disqus widget just below the Post widget. Then, click "Save" and you are done!
7. Your new comment form should look like this. You can change the other settings in your disqus account such as how many comments to show per page, who can comment, etc.
 Enjoy commenting!
Now, you can view your blog with your new disqus comment system. What do you think? Cool, right?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Airport Review: Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3

I have mentioned in my previous post the reasons why we have to go to Manila for some business reasons, not purely for leisure (*frown). After our arrival at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 we went directly to baggage claim hall to pick up our stuffs.

Facts about Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 

Ninoy Aquino international airport terminal 3 picture
NAIA Terminal 3 outside view
Terminal 3 is the largest airport in Manila. It stands proud on a 65-hectare property adjacent to the NAIA runway facilities. It is a two-tiered design with its ground floor handling arrivals and the second level facilitating departures. Each level has 600 meters of curbside space, rendering drop offs and pickups efficient.

Terminal 3 can handle 13 million passengers annually. The center of the building contains the head house where passenger processing is centralized. A total of 24 boarding gates accommodate 4,000 peak hour one-way passengers.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Flying with Cebu Pacific and Airphil Express

Being a travel agent, you've gotten a chance to travel anywhere for FREE. Of course, with your company’s provision! In my case, i was with my co-worker agent. We went to Manila to meet our clients (26 persons) flying to Bangkok for 3 days. There, we assists them to the airport, giving them instructions to where and how to get there. Having their passports sealed by the immigration. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to get beyond the check-in. We also handed them their printed flight itineraries as well as their t-shirts as souvenir.

Flight Itinerary: Cebu Pacific and Airphil Express
Date                         Flight            Route              Time           Seat 
Sep 21, 2011          5J 972          DVO-MNL       21:10H          20A
Sep 23, 2011          2P 987         MNL-DVO       18:20H          11A

Flight Experience:
I must mention that it was my first time boarding an airplane. Yeah, don't ask me why. I was being so nervous at first. Getting  on an airplane especially when taking off actually felt like you were riding a roller coaster! It's as if I just left my soul behind. LOL. But, when the flight went stable in the air, it seemed like you were just riding a bus. Sometimes, it's slightly moving due to air turbulence. Flight attendants were so attentive and nice. I had no complaints to both airlines' services. Fortunately, i sit beside the window so the spectacular view below were just so clear. We had the evening flight and the city light from above were so fantastic and fascinating. It was so great!

Cebu Pacific vs. Airphil Express
Both airlines are considered as the economy airlines here in the country. They are reasonably cheap for common people especially when you booked weeks or months ahead of your flight departure. As what we had experienced with my companion, both airlines are not much of a difference. However, cebu pacific is apparently comfortable than airphil in terms of seats. It's a "bit", only a bit spacious than the latter one. With regards to ride stability, cebu pacific moved more frequently than airphil express. This made me want to puke (eww). I got a little bit dizzy all the way too. But, going back with airphil certainly felt like nothing. Maybe because it didn't move regularly.

Boarding Passes: Cebu Pacific vs. Airphil Express
It is quite funny that i do mind this issue but i can't help it. I can't help but compare the two boarding passes. :D
Cebu Pacific Boarding Pass
Airphil Express Boarding Pass
Now, isn't it obvious? Well, it doesn't really matter. It's just a paper, what matters most is you get to where you want to go, right?

Tips when boarding:
1. Bring your own foods. They are very expensive when you bought them in the airport or even inside the plane.
2. When you are about to enter the plane, as much as possible, be the first or last. Do not go with the crowd or you'll get stuck especially upon getting inside the plane. The aisle is good for one person only.
3. Bring something that will relieve sea sick and dizzyness like vicks.