Saturday, January 19, 2013

SushiDito Davao: A Taste of Japanese Cuisine

Before 2012 ended, I never thought I would get a chance to eat in a Japanese Restaurant that time. Well, I adored Japanese cuisines especially on how they presented them but didn't have any idea on how it all tasted like. 

sushidito davao mango avocado maki
Mango Avocado Maki (Mango, Tamago, Avocado) - Php 140 for 8pcs
Due to some pressures and hassles in work, our Boss decided to treat us in the nearby restaurant to relieve us from stress and randomly picked SushiDito Davao

SushiDito Davao (Sushi "Here" Davao) serves a variety of delightful and pleasantly made Japanese food cuisines. Their main specialties are Dragons, Makis, Nigiris, Rice Bowls, Ramen Bowls and some other Japanese recipes. The area isn't that big and there's only limited space for parking area but don't fret because you can order online through their website and they deliver right in front of your doorstep for FREE! Great, isn't it? 
These were some of our orders. Had I known 8pcs would be more than enough (because they looked really small) then I should have ordered 4pcs, haha.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Adding Star Ratings in Blogger using Graddit

Many people might be wondering if adding star ratings in their blogs could be possible. Well, the answer is simply "yes". Then the next question "How?" will follow. For those HTML adept individuals, this question may be too easy to implement within a minute but, for those who don't have enough skills and knowledge, this could be certainly difficult to handle.

Blogger, unlike WordPress, is way too complicated to handle and integrate features. No plug-ins with very limited widgets yet, one of the simpliest and easy-to-manage blogging platforms. Plus, it's owned by Google.
Back to where we are, why do we need this so called "Ratings"? Well, it's not that much important but this will definitely adds flavor to your website/blog. This will also determine how your readers likely enjoy your posts.

Below are the steps to add 5-star ratings to your posts:

1. First, you need to grab the code from Choose from the different styles that will suit your taste. In the Platform Tab, choose Blogger.
How to add blogger star rating below post title
2. Then, go to Blogger and change the template's code. But before that, you have to back-up your template first before editing any code lines. To do so, go to Blogger » Template » Back-up/Restore » Download Full Template. After that, go to Edit HTML » Click Expand Widget Templates.