Thursday, November 24, 2011

SM City Davao: Giant Christmas Wreath Display 2011

Hey, Dabawenyos! SM City Davao's Giant Christmas Wreath Display is now open to the public at 2nd Floor Exhibit Area, SM Davao! Come and bring your family and friends together and pose for a merry, wonderful Christmas treat for this year! The mall finally unveiled its Christmas surprise last November 16, 2011 but, I only knew it yesterday! No one had informed me (frown). However, I was so lucky to see it in Facebook and right after work, I went directly to the mall with my officemate.

SM City Davao Christmas Display 2011

Christmas display christmas decor
"The wreath has significant meaning for the Christmas season. It is associated with the evergreen and it's circular shape represents eternity, for it has no beginning and no end. Let the Christmas wreath bring warmth to our hearts and remind us of the true meaning of Christmas". Source: SM Davao Facebook

The first thing that would certainly catch your eyes is the huge Christmas wreath filled with red Christmas balls and a piece of red ribbon attached on it. I was stunned when I first laid my eyes on it. It was perfectly made with the awesome colors of Christmas! I couldn't keep off my camera on it as much as I didn't want to get up from the big red couch at the center. 

It feels like I'm a Princess. Can I sit here like this always?
Everything is huge. Up from its lofty Christmas tree down to its oversize gift wrapped boxes and Christmas ball ornaments. We were like miniatures in this place full of huge stuffs. 

giant gift at Christmas display
A big gift for a person with a big heart. I wonder who will give me a gift as big as this one?
big christmas ball
An overwhelming Christmas ball! 
tall christmas tree

This seemingly boneless Christmas tree was being isolated among the centerpiece display at Exhibit Area. It was placed separately in the spacious area (I think it's meant for the show?) a few steps towards the wreath. Amidst the faint-lighted area, it shone brightly in red which made the passersby paused their step. 

SM City Davao celebrating the joyous month of the year!
This is SM Supermall's Christmas "ChriSMs Jingle" for 2011. Performed by the International Youtube Sensation, Maria Aragon, as the official voice of SM Christmas.  

Everywhere I'll go, I could feel the spirit of Christmas! The sense of happiness and love in every gaze I've met.

"Advance Merry Christmas to everyone! May you have a joyful and unforgettable experiences this Christmas!" ~ lzlpio90

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Budget Meal at Penong's Barbeque Seafoods and Grill

During our visit in Jack's Ridge, we should have had our dinner at Taklobo Restaurant but unfortunately, they were not as accommodating as we thought. They were just ignoring us for heaven's sake or perhaps, they had sensed that they couldn't get enough from us? hmmmppp. Whatever reasons, we just couldn't take our growling bellies anymore. So, the moment we decided to leave, we headed to Penong's Barbeque Seafoods and Grill in front of crossing Shrine Hills, Matina Davao City.
The juiciest and delicious chicken barbeque
Penong's has the juiciest chicken barbeque I had ever tasted. Aside from offering unlimited rice, they are reasonably cheaper too. Penong's is one of the most renowned restaurants here in Davao City and certainly has numerous customers from average to high class people. It was really popular here...

Penong's Inato Meal
We had waited for about 20 minutes to get our orders done. Quiet long for us who were dead hungry! 

We also ordered kinilaw which I really liked. I never had thought kinilaw could be mixed with sliced mango (of course, green mango). I hadn't tasted it before not until recently... 
Delicious kinilaw with tiny sliced mango...? Oh, but I really love it!
This kinilaw tasted so good than those I ever had tasted before... I couldn't help eating even the sliced mango even though I wasn't really fond of sour foods. XD

I spent Php 311 for 2 persons. Pretty cheap, isn't it?
I have heard some not-so-good feedback about Penong's but, as for my own "personal" experience, I will definitely go back to this place for sure next time. They had the best chicken barbeque and kinilaw too, so far:D

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A glimpse of Davao's skyline at Jack's Ridge Resort and Restaurant, Davao City

Where to go in Davao City during night time? Well, if that is what you're thinking of, then you shouldn't miss Jack's Ridge!
View of Davao's skyline at Jack's Ridge, Davao City
Source: valtok
Its magnificent overlooking view of Davao's skyline during night time is truly wonderful and splendid! You will experience the colorful city lights right in front of your eyes! It has been known as one of the must-visit places here in Davao City. 
Located at Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City, Jack's Ridge holds an interesting historical past that is apparently visible within the resort which is intentionally preserved to mark its history. 
Jack's Ridge! Oh, yeah!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Holy Visit at Baclaran Church, Manila

This post is pretty late for my Manila Trip but still, I "must" share this one to everyone. Our Makati trip indeed the most tiring trip we had in our whole visit followed by our little strolling around MOA and Manila Baywalk, all happened on our first day. On our second day or say last day in Manila, we visited Baclaran Church as for our last destination before heading off to airport.
The famous Baclaran Church in Manila, Philippines
Even on weekdays, the church was so full of people praying and lighting candles. The church was definitely grand and huge. It was being repaired or renovated I think. I didn't know exactly what was that carpenter and stair stuff were up to. But even with this situation, it didn't affect the numbers of people visiting around.

Holiday Getaway at Water World Beach Resort, Davao City

Water World Beach Resort davao City
Lately, we've been into some stressful days, physically and more mentally. We badly need to wind up to recharge. Fortunately, November 07, 2011 was declared a regular holiday in observance of Eid al-Adha, so we had to grab this timely opportunity for us. We thought for some places where we could spend our holiday wisely given our very little budget but I don't want it to be a night out activity 'coz honestly, I am not into it. I want it to be more like an outdoor activities and relatively closer to nature. Finally, we came up with a decision... We will go to Water World Beach Resort at Bago Aplaya Dumoy Toril, Davao City. 

Since it was my first time... ahmmn, "Yes, first time", I promptly said "Common, let's go!" I was super excited even though it was just the two of us, me and my friend/roommate/officemate. 

Water world beach resort

Where to go to davao to swim in pool
Swimming pool for adults
The climate was not so friendly that day. It was raining slightly, glad it didn't rain heavily though. But the good thing was, it wasn't blazing hot like it used to be therefore, I preferred it this way.

davao swimming poo - children pool
Children's pool
water world beach resort in davao city

Slide time! Scary but excited.
I almost got drowned here! Noticed that fat young boy behind me? I didn't know he was just next to me. Unfortunately, I got stuck halfway and he was approaching! So, I had to slide myself so hard it hurts my butt, lol! The moment I reached the surface and about to catch my breath back, he bumped me from behind. I drank lots of water (yuck). I haven't completely recovered from the shock, another man (with a child) slide again and splashed us with such a wave! Apparently, I was out of breath. My friend witnessed it and couldn't help herself but to laugh her ass out. I couldn't blame her. Even me found it pretty funny. 

Teach me how to doggie...:D
I didn't know how to swim and so I just suited myself in the shallow part of the pool. I badly wanted to swim in the adult pool but I couldn't swim, such a pity! Moreover, the lifeguard was so arrogant. We told him to save us (just in case we couldn't make across the pool) if we got drowned. You know what he said? "If you don't know how to swim, do not swim here!". Yeah, I knew. He got some point but, what's his "use" if he wasn't willing to help? He would just sit there watching those sexy girls enjoying themselves swimming in the pool? What the heck! I really wanted to yell at him but I didn't have the guts. My friend did it for me. She made her voice louder and let him heard what he must hear.

perfect holiday getaway
back to back =)
Tired of swimming so we just made some alluring poses, lol. Yay, no no. It's just a trip!

beautiful cottage style for pool in water world beach resort davao city
Umbrella style cottages
Canal -- poolside??
Beach front area of Water World beach resort
They've said you could watch the sunset in this area but that time when we were there, it's was raining so we hadn't seen such momentous phenomenon (ganun?) here.
Striking poses from these gaudy girls-at-heart
These sisters drew my attention while taking pictures of the sea. They kept on calling at me to take some pictures of them which I had granted. 

Yours truly :)
It was really fun! I am planning to encourage my family to visit here and have some good time. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Spending the Night at MOA and Manila Baywalk

We were completely exhausted to the bone because of our trip in Makati City yet, we still able to continue up to our next destination; the SM Mall of Asia and Manila Baywalk.
Sunset at Manila Baywalk
Source: Shotfinder
Even though our initial target was to explore MOA, one of the biggest mall center here in the Philippines, yet after seeing how big it was, we realized a couple of hours wouldn't be enough.
Who would have thought that MOA is just right behind us?
The mall was so grand, very, very huge. Just by seeing it frightened me. I hadn't fully recovered from our last trip and here it was, acquiring a lot more efforts... and walks! I've had enough and I was so tired and so they were. Perhaps, it was the best way we can do for now. We took our time and roamed the first floor. The weather was ideally nice and the cool breeze brought chills, indicating the fast approach of the Lenten season...

We were just able to visit the first floor of the mall. Then right after, we directed to the back exit heading to Manila Baywalk. The baywalk was surprisingly crowded and clamorous. The boisterous sounds of live bands in every restaurants were deafening yet, entertaining. Numerous open-air cafes and restaurants were everywhere as you can enjoy sumptuous local cuisines by ManileƱos that served gratifying meals but could be also hurtful to your budget. The magnificent beach lights looked gorgeous and very fascinating too.
The guys behind are having fun, lol.
Mime performer at Manila Baywalk
Time to relax. Time to enjoy... and its time to pause your trail for a while and witness this impressive mime performer who performs sort of interpretative dance that are pretty humorous and awesome but of course, he comes with a price, lol. No, it's up to you to give him some gratifying reward (and no, don't give him flowers, he needs cash - c.a.s.h) for his hard work.

Spacious park with colorful lamp posts which makes the night a delightful way to wind up from stressful city life. 
I have heard that you can catch a glimpse of the glorious sunset in this area. Unfortunately, we've arrived here  a bit too late.

A night to remember. A night to rejoice and a night to cherish... forever...
The colorful lamp posts that are lined along the baywalk  are truly captivating that you could have mistaken it for meteors and glittering stars from afar.

Bring your children over to deepen your family's bond.  
Manila Baywalk is a perfect place for family getaways for weekend bonding. Aside from it has playgrounds intending for kids, you will definitely enjoy the variety shows and activites available in here. 
Let your kids enjoy the night. 
Indulged yourself by the tranquility of the sea, the cheerful noises from the crowd, the entertaining shows of live bands and musicians, the eye-candy lights by the sea side, delicious foods from numerous restaurants and the happiness it can bring to your life.