Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How to Add Disqus Comment in Blogger?

Comment system is essential in every blogs and websites. It gives interactions and build community within your site. A comment system in blogger is already installed but, it is not as flexible as the other comment system available over the net.

With the current comment system of blogger, I admit I am not quite satisfied. It's not flexible and impressive as the other blog's comment system like Wordpress. However, don't just settle with this issue. While surfing the internet for some nice features I can possibly integrate within my blog, I have stumbled in a particular website with awesome and impressive comment system. Then after several research, i came to know what its called, disqus.

What is Disqus?
DISQUS is a comment platform that helps you build an active community from your website's audience. It has awesome features, powerful tools, and it's easy to install.

How to Install Disqus in Blogger?
Follow the steps below for an easy disqus installation.

1. First thing's first. Back-up your template before doing any changes just to make sure if ever you'll get messed up. To do so, go to your Blogger » Design Tab » Edit HTML » Download Full Template.

2. Go to disqus website and click "Sign-up".

3. Fill-up the form with the appropriate information.

4. Choose among the platforms you want disqus to be installed. In my case, I have chosen blogger platform. If you are using different platform, make sure you select the correct one. Click "Add site to Blogger". A blogger window will appear.

5. Make sure you have signed-in to your blogger account. On "Select a Blog", choose the blog you want the disqus to appear. Then click "Add Widget".

6. On your blogger's Design Tab, place the Disqus widget just below the Post widget. Then, click "Save" and you are done!
7. Your new comment form should look like this. You can change the other settings in your disqus account such as how many comments to show per page, who can comment, etc.
 Enjoy commenting!
Now, you can view your blog with your new disqus comment system. What do you think? Cool, right?