Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My 2nd Visit at Crocodile Park, Davao

This post was supposed to be done last May 2014 but I was kinda busy and failed to look after it. It was only until now that I decided to finally post it. I kinda felt sorry for the long overdue and inactivity on my blog :)
Travel to Davao Crocodile Park
It was my second time around at Davao Crocodile Park. It was my roommate who invited us to visit the Crocodile Park because she had a coupon and it's reasonably cheap!

We roamed around and took pictures with different animals. Of course, we couldn't miss our chance to have a shot with a Phyton! Yes, not just a snake but a big one at that! It wasn't my first time though. I tried it before when we were in Philippine Eagle and that one is more terrifying and bigger than this one. :)

Would you dare hold it? I just did, haha! It's scary but it worth the try. We also fed the huge bat while holding a stick, held a young crocodile with our bare hands and feeding the ostrich on our palm which is more exhilarating than the others. >.<

Davao Crocodile Park - Tribu K'Mindawan Epic Jump shot

I had a blast and I would love to visit Davao Crocodile Park again! If that ever happened, I would go there during weekend to watch the fire show in Tribu K'Mindanawan.