Wednesday, February 20, 2013

«Movie Review» Chinese Zodiac: Jackie Chan's Last Action Movie

Due to my reckless decision together with a friend of mine, we ended up watching Chinese Zodiac (CZ12) of Jackie Chan on its first day of showing. Reportedly, it turned out to be his last major action-adventure movie. Chinese Zodiac was written, directed, produced and starred by Jacke Chan himself.

Chinese Zodiac 2012 by Jackie Chan

Chinese Zodiac was shown here in Philippines yesterday, January 30, 2013 and fortunately, we were able to witnessed Jackie Chan's last grandest action film he has ever made. It was shot in 8 countries and 5 continents around the world! Whoah! If that is something more to be proud of.

“I want to let the audience know that this is my last big action movie. I don’t like to die on the set. I want to continue filming,” said Jackie. “Maybe on my next movie, I don’t have to roll over, jump over the building, or jump off the car. I want to try drama or be casted in a love story” source:
So to clear things up, this is not gonna be his final casting in the movie. That's right! Glad to hear that! He should maim himself away from action movies as he is really getting older. He must have some self-pity for his body. Poor rich guy☺

Chinese Zodiac Main Casts:

Chinese Zodiac CZ12 Jackie Chan withLaura, Yao Xing and Zhang Lan
Jackie Chan with the 3 gorgeous ladies Laura, Yao Xing and Zhang Lan

Chinese Zodiac Story:

Chinese Zodiac tells the story about JC's (aka Asian Hawk) struggles and adventures along  with his team to hunt the historical relics who thought to be disappeared a long time ago. On their way to their quest, they meet Coco, an activist student in Paris and Katherine, an heiress who is searching for her long lost great grandfather. Thus, the hunting began— flaunting numerous deadly stunts, rolling around the mountain road with a full body wheeled suit, battling against pirates(I guess?) in the forest, and the breathtaking aerial fighting scenes over the blazing volcano! Surely, there are quiet several awesome fighting scenes you will definitely have to look forward to.

Chinese Zodiac Review

Chinese Zodiac CZ12 the 12 relics
Just like Jackie's old styles, this movie has touted to be a full action film packed with deadly stunts and innovative fighting scenes, mixed up with a little— okay several humors set to entertain audiences... not just to terrify them with awe due to his seemingly impossible stunts that even a young lad couldn't possibly get to pulled off. Perhaps, we all knew how he carried out his stance.

This movie, despite all the criticisms gained from different views of spectators, was undeniably one of the greatest movie Jackie has to offer. It's also a combination of comedy and adventure which will definitely make you laugh every time they pulled a very hilarious scenes, not a trying-hard-joke but still very funny. I really like Katherine. She's very crazy, haha! However, the storyline was somehow vague mixed up with multilingual plot.

For those who are expecting for a "more extreme" action and fighting scenes, then you will likely never be disappointed. Perhaps, that is where Jackie has ever known for, being a multi-awarded action star.

*** Rating: 7.5/10 ***

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Watched on: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 @ 9:30PM at Cinema 3 Gaisano Mall of Davao.