Wednesday, February 20, 2013

«Movie Review» Life of Pi: A Journey of a Lifetime

life of pi indian movie review

I saw the trailer of Life of Pi last year when I watched a movie back then. I was held captive by the excellent visual effects shown in the trailer and got quite excited when I discovered that he'll trail an audacious epic journey amidst the ocean with a — tiger? How dangerous and exciting it can be! Right there and then, I made a promise to myself that I'll definitely watch it for sure. It was supposed to be shown last year but was delayed due to some reasons I don't know. And finally, last night was the realization of that promise. 

Together with my friends, we took the Last Full Show of Life of Pi in 3D. There were quite plenty of people watching the movie. 

Life of Pi Review:

 1. Story: 3.8/5

The story focuses on Piscine Patel (Pi in short)'s adventures and struggles after the ship sank, leaving him nothing but a tiger as his companion hiding inside the lifeboat. At first there were 4 animals, but the damn hyena killed the two so thanks to Richard Parker (tiger) for killing the damn pest...

Life of pi bengal tiger hiding in the lifeboat

It also gave emphasis to religion. Pi, who had 3 religions (Hindu, Catholic and Islam), believed God in every aspect of life in any form of religion. As he continued his journey, instead of losing hope, he even lifted his hope to God and sooner realized that he wasn't really forsaken by Him.

bengal tiger catching fish

Pi and Richard Parker

He said in the movie that at times when he felt he was forsaken by God for not finding any help within those days he was in the middle of the ocean, He had never really abandoned him. A living proof was Richard, a tiger who gave him the reason to live. He fed him and even able to tame him. When he found an island, he thought he was now safe, at least he could manage to eat seaweeds there. Sooner enough, he found out that the island is no safe for them. The rest is history. I do not intend to spoil the movie so you better watch it, right (read summary here).

2. Setting: 4/5

The movie was set in India, of course. The environment is not the usual place I had in mind based on the other Indian movie I'd seen before. The place presented and shown in the movie is like a quiet, peaceful area, very different and opposite to the other. The ocean had a big impact in the settings too. Though there's nothing much to see above sea level as there you can only see the sky and the seemingly endless ocean, the film had able to convey the true wonders and beauty of the marine lives, IF all those sea creatures were real.

life of pie scene in india river with lamp

island in the life of pi

screenshot of life of pi

3. Visual Effects: 5/5

There's no question this film got a perfect score for visual effects. Well, as for me, of course ^_^. The visual effects of the movie were simply breathtaking, awesome and splendid and the 3D effect is a plus factor that will make you appreciate the movie's visual effects even more.

magestic and picturesque view of life of pi in the sea
Speaking of surreal, this one shows it all.
Pi clutching the lifeboat
an excellent and awesome visual effects of life of pi
the huge whale in life of pi

All in all, the movie is pretty good and I recommend everyone to watch it... Though there is one thing I could hardly understand in the movie... That is how they speak. I just can't understand it well. 

Screenshots were taken from youtube's trailer!

Watch the trailer of Life of Pi in HD...

Watched on: Thursday, January 16, 2013 @ 9:30PM at Cinema 13D Gaisano Mall of Davao