Saturday, December 29, 2012

People's Park Christmas Display 2012

Again, another Christmas celebration had passed and as always, Dabawe├▒os very own People's Park showcased its unique Christmas display this year. But not as extravagant as last year, this time seemed like the park's on a tight budget. This year's decor was nothing compared to the last few years.

Putting into consideration with the calamities and commotions that had happened recently brought by the super-typhoon Pablo, it would be too inconsiderate to be as indulgent and wasteful while our other fellow men were suffering in distress... hungry and homeless.

peoples Park giant christmas tree 2012
People's Park's Giant Christmas Tree 2012
The Christmas tree looked simple but uniquely made through plastic bottles of soft drinks.

Nevertheless, we shouldn't lose hope as we know there's got to be a  reason why it all happened to us. God has a reason and we should believe in Him. We cannot deny the fact that despite those tragic events, we are still hoping, deep inside our hearts, to have a peaceful and merry Christmas.