Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Dinner at Picobello Italian Restaurant, Davao City

picobello italian restaurant logo
Picobello Ristorante Italiano, or commonly known as Picobello itself, is one of the most visited Italian Restaurant here in Davao City. Located at 5th floor, Gaisano South CitiMall, Ilustre St. corner Gen. Luna St, Davao City. Famous for pastas and pizzas, Italian recipe will probably be the next favorite food cuisine of the Filipinos aside from Chinese foods.

As company's celebration for Christmas, our boss decided to have a dinner party at Picobello, just a few steps away from our office, Hager Travel & Tours. The restaurant looks simple yet elegant. The cozy atmosphere and the lively serenader will entertain you during your whole stay. You can request for a song but for a reminder, they don't know all the songs you might request. They've got a friendly staffs too and that's what I liked the most.

picobello italian restaurant at gaisano south mall

We were a group of  9 people. Not quite many, huh, hehe and probably the most noisy one inside. I ordered vegetable and sea food salad as for the fist course. 

picobello main course
I ordered the left dish, sea food salad.

picobello italian restaurant menu
Honestly, my taste buds were not accustomed to foreign dishes and merely the reason why I could hardly finish the first course. I might have been the silliest one because I just ate the sea foods with a lil' bite of veges. For the main course, I ordered boneless chicken, but it is not really boneless you know, lol. I was so full then yet I am anticipating for the dessert, hopeful that it would not be as odd as the previous orders I had.

picobello dessert gelati and strudel di mele
Looking at the menu, Gelati (scoop of ice cream) caught my eyes, but I decided I would share the dessert with my other officemate to assure we wouldn't waste another order. We both agreed to order Strudel Di Mele (warm apple strudle with vanilla ice cream). It tastes good and the vanilla is heavenly.

wine at picobello restaurant

picobello davao
The place, the food and the tastes are all new to me. I may not at first totally liked the food but it doesn't mean I won't ever try it again. We never know the next time I eat them, it could be my next favorite and it's not beyond any bounds impossible to happen.

I must also mention that Picobello is famous for their pizzas. You might want to try them out!

picobello serenaders
The lively musician of Picobello 
Picobello Ristorante Italiano
Address: 5/F Gaisano South CitiMall, Ilustre St. corner Gen. Luna St.
Tel #: +63(82)221-1696
Open daily from 10:30am to 11:00pm

" This post was a bit too late for Christmas posting. I had been so busy for the last few weeks of December so I had no time to write for this. But I guess it doesn't matter anyway, does it? ^_^ "