Thursday, November 24, 2011

SM City Davao: Giant Christmas Wreath Display 2011

Hey, Dabawenyos! SM City Davao's Giant Christmas Wreath Display is now open to the public at 2nd Floor Exhibit Area, SM Davao! Come and bring your family and friends together and pose for a merry, wonderful Christmas treat for this year! The mall finally unveiled its Christmas surprise last November 16, 2011 but, I only knew it yesterday! No one had informed me (frown). However, I was so lucky to see it in Facebook and right after work, I went directly to the mall with my officemate.

SM City Davao Christmas Display 2011

Christmas display christmas decor
"The wreath has significant meaning for the Christmas season. It is associated with the evergreen and it's circular shape represents eternity, for it has no beginning and no end. Let the Christmas wreath bring warmth to our hearts and remind us of the true meaning of Christmas". Source: SM Davao Facebook

The first thing that would certainly catch your eyes is the huge Christmas wreath filled with red Christmas balls and a piece of red ribbon attached on it. I was stunned when I first laid my eyes on it. It was perfectly made with the awesome colors of Christmas! I couldn't keep off my camera on it as much as I didn't want to get up from the big red couch at the center. 

It feels like I'm a Princess. Can I sit here like this always?
Everything is huge. Up from its lofty Christmas tree down to its oversize gift wrapped boxes and Christmas ball ornaments. We were like miniatures in this place full of huge stuffs. 

giant gift at Christmas display
A big gift for a person with a big heart. I wonder who will give me a gift as big as this one?
big christmas ball
An overwhelming Christmas ball! 
tall christmas tree

This seemingly boneless Christmas tree was being isolated among the centerpiece display at Exhibit Area. It was placed separately in the spacious area (I think it's meant for the show?) a few steps towards the wreath. Amidst the faint-lighted area, it shone brightly in red which made the passersby paused their step. 

SM City Davao celebrating the joyous month of the year!
This is SM Supermall's Christmas "ChriSMs Jingle" for 2011. Performed by the International Youtube Sensation, Maria Aragon, as the official voice of SM Christmas.  

Everywhere I'll go, I could feel the spirit of Christmas! The sense of happiness and love in every gaze I've met.

"Advance Merry Christmas to everyone! May you have a joyful and unforgettable experiences this Christmas!" ~ lzlpio90