Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mana Davao Christmas Display 2012

Mana Davao Christmas display 2012 a beautiful and colorful christmas display in davao city
A colorful Christmas Display at Mana Davao City.
Photo courtesy to: silaab dabaw
It was a bit too late to visit the place (well, it's better than not seeing it at all) since I initially planned to go there before 25th of December with my friends/co-workers. One of the reasons was that the lightings encountered short circuits and mostly, if not all, shut off. Few days later, they're back to normal and running again.

As usual, the area was crowded, noisy and full of laughter. The colorful lights around the area were so enticing, even the passersby couldn't help but to set their eyes on it. Road traffic was also a pain in the ass but good thing there were traffic enforcers taking care over the issue. We didn't waste a single minute and took pictures immediately.

Mana davao city christmas display 2012 along bajada davao city
Mana Davao Christmas Display
After taking some pictures on the background, we went to our next target, the Mascots! Yeah, it's not just purely for display. It was made for fun too especially to the kids who would surely enjoy the mascots more than we did. There were several mascots to have pictures with like tiger, monkey, chicken, polar bear, frog (which I like the most, haha) and mouse. Unluckily for us, we didn't get the chance to take pictures with all of them 'coz they were abducted and taken away from their spectators. They said it's their "feeding time". LOL.

taking photos with the mascots at mana davao
Taking pictures with the mascots :)
It was another fun escape from the usual corporate environment which will only happen every end of the year. I am glad that although the city is not as noisy as the other during December due to Davao City's Firecracker Ordinance, they still have initiative to convey to people the feeling of Christmas.