Friday, November 11, 2011

Holy Visit at Baclaran Church, Manila

This post is pretty late for my Manila Trip but still, I "must" share this one to everyone. Our Makati trip indeed the most tiring trip we had in our whole visit followed by our little strolling around MOA and Manila Baywalk, all happened on our first day. On our second day or say last day in Manila, we visited Baclaran Church as for our last destination before heading off to airport.

The famous Baclaran Church in Manila, Philippines
Even on weekdays, the church was so full of people praying and lighting candles. The church was definitely grand and huge. It was being repaired or renovated I think. I didn't know exactly what was that carpenter and stair stuff were up to. But even with this situation, it didn't affect the numbers of people visiting around.

Baclaran Church's interior
Maybe you were wondering how did I get this picture? Actually, it was prohibited to take pictures of Baclaran church's interior but, I didn't know it that time. So, I had satiated myself taking pictures until one person approached me and asked what were those pictures for. The moment he asked, I've had the hint that it might not be allowed to take pictures inside. I told him it's just a souvenir. Though half truth, the real purpose was  for the sake of my "blog".

Outside view of Baclaran Church
I think they are repairing something.
Mama Mary's statue
Lush trees outside the church that also serves as the parking area. 
It was such a pity we hadn't able to attend the mass as we had to go to the airport to avoid getting late. I had seen this church in TV countless times and I was so glad I had the chance to see it personally.