Friday, November 11, 2011

Holiday Getaway at Water World Beach Resort, Davao City

Water World Beach Resort davao City
Lately, we've been into some stressful days, physically and more mentally. We badly need to wind up to recharge. Fortunately, November 07, 2011 was declared a regular holiday in observance of Eid al-Adha, so we had to grab this timely opportunity for us. We thought for some places where we could spend our holiday wisely given our very little budget but I don't want it to be a night out activity 'coz honestly, I am not into it. I want it to be more like an outdoor activities and relatively closer to nature. Finally, we came up with a decision... We will go to Water World Beach Resort at Bago Aplaya Dumoy Toril, Davao City. 

Since it was my first time... ahmmn, "Yes, first time", I promptly said "Common, let's go!" I was super excited even though it was just the two of us, me and my friend/roommate/officemate. 

Water world beach resort

Where to go to davao to swim in pool
Swimming pool for adults
The climate was not so friendly that day. It was raining slightly, glad it didn't rain heavily though. But the good thing was, it wasn't blazing hot like it used to be therefore, I preferred it this way.

davao swimming poo - children pool
Children's pool
water world beach resort in davao city

Slide time! Scary but excited.
I almost got drowned here! Noticed that fat young boy behind me? I didn't know he was just next to me. Unfortunately, I got stuck halfway and he was approaching! So, I had to slide myself so hard it hurts my butt, lol! The moment I reached the surface and about to catch my breath back, he bumped me from behind. I drank lots of water (yuck). I haven't completely recovered from the shock, another man (with a child) slide again and splashed us with such a wave! Apparently, I was out of breath. My friend witnessed it and couldn't help herself but to laugh her ass out. I couldn't blame her. Even me found it pretty funny. 

Teach me how to doggie...:D
I didn't know how to swim and so I just suited myself in the shallow part of the pool. I badly wanted to swim in the adult pool but I couldn't swim, such a pity! Moreover, the lifeguard was so arrogant. We told him to save us (just in case we couldn't make across the pool) if we got drowned. You know what he said? "If you don't know how to swim, do not swim here!". Yeah, I knew. He got some point but, what's his "use" if he wasn't willing to help? He would just sit there watching those sexy girls enjoying themselves swimming in the pool? What the heck! I really wanted to yell at him but I didn't have the guts. My friend did it for me. She made her voice louder and let him heard what he must hear.

perfect holiday getaway
back to back =)
Tired of swimming so we just made some alluring poses, lol. Yay, no no. It's just a trip!

beautiful cottage style for pool in water world beach resort davao city
Umbrella style cottages
Canal -- poolside??
Beach front area of Water World beach resort
They've said you could watch the sunset in this area but that time when we were there, it's was raining so we hadn't seen such momentous phenomenon (ganun?) here.
Striking poses from these gaudy girls-at-heart
These sisters drew my attention while taking pictures of the sea. They kept on calling at me to take some pictures of them which I had granted. 

Yours truly :)
It was really fun! I am planning to encourage my family to visit here and have some good time.