Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Spending the Night at MOA and Manila Baywalk

We were completely exhausted to the bone because of our trip in Makati City yet, we still able to continue up to our next destination; the SM Mall of Asia and Manila Baywalk.

Sunset at Manila Baywalk
Source: Shotfinder
Even though our initial target was to explore MOA, one of the biggest mall center here in the Philippines, yet after seeing how big it was, we realized a couple of hours wouldn't be enough.
Who would have thought that MOA is just right behind us?
The mall was so grand, very, very huge. Just by seeing it frightened me. I hadn't fully recovered from our last trip and here it was, acquiring a lot more efforts... and walks! I've had enough and I was so tired and so they were. Perhaps, it was the best way we can do for now. We took our time and roamed the first floor. The weather was ideally nice and the cool breeze brought chills, indicating the fast approach of the Lenten season...

We were just able to visit the first floor of the mall. Then right after, we directed to the back exit heading to Manila Baywalk. The baywalk was surprisingly crowded and clamorous. The boisterous sounds of live bands in every restaurants were deafening yet, entertaining. Numerous open-air cafes and restaurants were everywhere as you can enjoy sumptuous local cuisines by ManileƱos that served gratifying meals but could be also hurtful to your budget. The magnificent beach lights looked gorgeous and very fascinating too.
The guys behind are having fun, lol.
Mime performer at Manila Baywalk
Time to relax. Time to enjoy... and its time to pause your trail for a while and witness this impressive mime performer who performs sort of interpretative dance that are pretty humorous and awesome but of course, he comes with a price, lol. No, it's up to you to give him some gratifying reward (and no, don't give him flowers, he needs cash - c.a.s.h) for his hard work.

Spacious park with colorful lamp posts which makes the night a delightful way to wind up from stressful city life. 
I have heard that you can catch a glimpse of the glorious sunset in this area. Unfortunately, we've arrived here  a bit too late.

A night to remember. A night to rejoice and a night to cherish... forever...
The colorful lamp posts that are lined along the baywalk  are truly captivating that you could have mistaken it for meteors and glittering stars from afar.

Bring your children over to deepen your family's bond.  
Manila Baywalk is a perfect place for family getaways for weekend bonding. Aside from it has playgrounds intending for kids, you will definitely enjoy the variety shows and activites available in here. 
Let your kids enjoy the night. 
Indulged yourself by the tranquility of the sea, the cheerful noises from the crowd, the entertaining shows of live bands and musicians, the eye-candy lights by the sea side, delicious foods from numerous restaurants and the happiness it can bring to your life.